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Women Bishops (Are you For or against or just indifferent)
In the christian bible according to those who support the movement for women bishops there are many evidences for women bishops, and conversely for those who are against there are many arguments to support their view - so - who is right?
Some might say it's purely academic now, maybe it is, but, let us think ahead a few years from now, how is this going to affect the Messianic movement? Or will it affect the Messianic movement? Certainly, Yahushua had His women supporters, who provided for His needs, and certainly the Messianic movement is not a male only movement. Can, for instance, those of us who teach the WORD of Elohim, be called Rabbi, would we want to be called Rabbi? Should we create an heirarchy of priesthood as there is in the christian church - no - I think not! We are Brothers and Sisters, we are as family, and as in all families there is a head, and our Head is Yahushua ha'Mashiach and all His followers are called talmidim - anyone who wants to exalt himself above his brothers or sisters would have to question his motives as to why, there will be natural leaders emerge, but their views must be Scripture based, Ruah ha'Qodesh inspired, and Yahushua ha'Mashiach approved, they have to be Yahweh's will or desire, not the persons will who is leading the group or assembly.
We in this our generation (despite the growth of the so-called mega-churches) are witnessing the fall of the christian church, Yahushua ha'Mashiach says in Matthew (Mattithyahu) 12:25  "And Yahushua knew their thoughts, and said to them, "Every reign divided against itself is laid waste, and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand."" 
The christian church has been divided against itself now for many years, they cannot agree on many things, christianity has divided up into many splinter groups or sects, too many to list in this article. All claiming to tell the Truth. Is the reign of christianity on the verge of collapse? There are other religions out there, all of whom are attracting their followers, creating an exodus away from Yahweh Elohim, simply because the people are not being told the Truth.
The Messianic movement is not just another religious movement or sect, it is the one which Yahushua ha'Mashiach left behind when He ascended into the shamayim after His Ressurrection - Christ, Christendom, and Christianity, were not in our Mashiach's vocabulary despite the teachings of the church today. The Messianic movement is the one we all need to return to, it is the Ancient Way, it is the Way, Yahushua said He is "The Way", and that is the way we need to go. It is not easy, in fact it is quite hard, however, it is not impossible, and those who persevere will be rewarded accordingly.
What ever the christian church decides or has decided about women bishops, it is probably another move on Yahweh's chess board to bring about the demise of the church as it is today. Purely because when He speaks, no one today listens, of course they will claim differently, but, look at what is going on around you, what is the church doing in your community, you may be doing quite a lot for your church, but what are you doing for the people of Yahweh. You may be able to quote John 3:16, but can you quote the second most important Commandment?
Awake, O Church, before it is too late. 
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