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YHWH, יהוה Almighty God, Elohim, LORD
Most 7th Days my self and my wife help out at Project Hosanna, generally I am the wardrobe gatekeeper. All the volunteers wear name badges and what strikes me is that among the many different nationalities of homeless people whom we serve, the fact remains that my name is Michael, whether it be a Russian or a Greek, Polish or Portuguese, Lithuanian, or any other nationality, these good people will pronounce my name as they see it written on my badge, ok, the pronunciation may vary, but there is no mistaking the name Michael which comes from their lips. These people who we are to serve, don't see the name Michael, then call me by a different name. They don't call me Melvin, or Martin, or Miguel, or Neville, or any other name, they call me Michael.

So, what am I getting at here?!

Why do we call 
יהוה YHWH by any other name? Why have we been taught in the church that the Name of יהוה YHWH is "the LORD"? or "I AM"? or "God"? In these days of hi-tec computer technology and the continued advancement of the world wide web, those confessing to be Christian believers should be reading the Scriptures, studying the Scriptures, and researching the Scriptures. Through careful study and prayer, the people of יהוה YHWH, will soon be acknowledged by our Father who reigns in the Shamayim (Heavens), and though it is true you may find the teaching difficult, the findings a little hard to swallow, you will soon come to realise the teaching in the main stream churches is a little way off the mark.
Note: Sadly, project Hosanna came to an end, however we are still serving the homeless via another project currently called 'Stronger Together', again however, that doesnt detract from the main purpose of this article.
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