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Are you Thirsty?
The Water-hole “and he who thirsts, come! And he who desires it, take the waters of life without paying!” Revelations (Hazon)22:17 In the industry in which I do my “day job,” we hold emergency bottled water stocks, for those households, hospitals, or schools which are affected when main water pipes become weak and burst, sometimes causing fantastic fountain displays, or sometimes just causing a puddle or a flood in the road. Whatever the display, the households, hospitals or schools can be seriously affected, and if deemed necessary, i.e., if the repair to the main is going to take some time, or if the burst main cannot be isolated and the householders, hospitals or schools cannot be serviced from another main, then bottled water is issued – freely! 

Here in the UK, we don’t know what it is like to be thirsty, and I mean really thirsty, we are never that far away from a fully working tap (or faucet). Even if you are a homeless person, there are agencies willing to help and doors that can be knocked on where a meal and a glass of water can be found – freely!


But – What about those nations who do not have the same infra-structures as we have. What about the peoples who have to walk miles everyday for a can of water – and even then it is contaminated. What about the Nomadic peoples of the world who trek from one water-hole to the next for themselves and their livestock? Are we really so much better off than they? On the face of it, you would think so, wouldn’t you?

 Personally, I don’t think we are. We have become lazy, indulgent, and uncaring, we want to keep up with our daily soap, we are more interested in television or other personalities, and at best we are apathetic towards the plight of our brothers and sisters in the rest of the world. And at the same time we want to be friends of the world, and all it can throw at us in the way of the most up-to-date gadgetry, and purchase all the material possessions which we can possibly afford or not, and this is not something you can do – freely! 

Yet – there is one possession that just might rescue from your current state, which you are not using nearly as regularly as you ought. It may have been bought for you as a Christening or Baptism present, or as a Confirmation present. It may have been passed down to you from your Grand-parents. You may have had one given you at school, or you may actually have bought one yourself. Either way, it is sitting there somewhere, gathering dust, waiting for you to quench your thirst – freely!


OK! As a Messianic, I take issue with the fact that the translators and scribes of the Bible thought it better to rename Yahushua – Jesus. That the Name of Yahweh has all but been blotted out. That the churches’ teaching doesn’t always agree with what the Scriptures are teaching us, and so on and so forth… Incidentally you can purchase a copy of The Scriptures from  This version of Scripture has all the names of people and places translated as close to our language as current research allows.   


Like it – or not – your spiritual aridity is something that will remain with you until you come to and open up that well of a water-hole that we call the Scriptures. You need to drink in the teachings of Yahushua. You need to drink in the Torah of Yahweh. You need to drink in the wisdom and the knowledge of the commandments and the right rulings of a loving and righteous Elohim. Come friend, if you so desire it you can have and take the water of life without paying. It is free!


If you need help studying the Scriptures, and you know of a group of people who haven’t blotted out the Name of Yahweh, and who recognise Yahushua as the Messiah, then you need to join them.


If you would like to join us fill in the comment form on the “Home” page, and don’t forget to leave your email address and or a phone number.


There are people in Kenya and Andhra Pradesh who are HUNGRY and THIRSTY for the WORD of ELOHIM, please visit the Bible appeal page before you leave this site, thank you.
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