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Christ was born at Christmas (But MESSIAH YAHUSHUA wasn't!!)
I have spent many hours researching, reading, and studying since the vision I had about the Bible, if it is possible grammatically speaking there is more than one conclusion.

Firstly, yes, Christ was born on Christmas Day, our Messiah Yahushua was not born on Christmas Day!!!
Secondly, the Mother of Christ is Ma-Rhea (Maria, or Mary). She is also known as the Mother of the gods! The Mother of Messiah Yahushua is Miryam, Miryam is the "Almah" (Isaiah/Yeshayahu 7:14) of whom it was prophecied she would give birth to a Son who would save the world.

Thirdly, the church should be teaching the Good News of Yahushua Messiah, not Ieu-sus, the annointed one, Sator, which translated is Jesus Christ our Saviour.

Fourthly, this leads to the question, why has Yahweh allowed this to go on for so long?
Maybe - Just maybe - He has been waiting for someone in the Messianic community with enough faith to come along and expose the false teachings of the church.
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