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The Vision

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The Vision

It is becoming increasingly apparent that many of the visitors to the website are interested in the vision, the basic facts of which are disclosed in the auto-reply you receive from the website, the whole of which is printed below.

Thank you for getting in touch, I will respond to your email personally, shortly.

Lion Ministries came about because of a series of words and visions.

One of those visions was in real time, i.e., in the physical sphere, Elohim (God) guided me to two specific trees in a garden, or arboretum, one was a fully grown and magnificent specimen of a Sycamore tree, the other a stunted Ash tree. The revelation, or the meaning of what this meant wasn't revealed to me until I had detached myself from my regular church. (See home page of website) The meaning is this - the stunted Ash is the church now, the Sycamore is the church as it should be.

And I quote from an email received from a friend in America, "The two trees are the church with Israel and the one is without Israel 

thought you would know what the vision means. Lets seek (YaHWeH's) the Lords face and seek 

with Him with all our hearts and souls amen." unquote.

All the church and its ministers have to do is to return to God (Elohim) and teach the Biblical (Scriptural) truth. Quite simple really, and yet so astonishingly difficult, some would even say impossible. Trust YaHWeH - Believe - Repent - Pray. Yahushua Messiah (Jesus Christ) is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah - you better believe it.

May Yahweh our Elohim Bless you in whatever situation you find yourself in right now. If you are suffering, remember (Messiah) the Christ suffered for us.

Please note: The names of Moses and Amos, though highly relevant in the confirmation process leading up to this ministry are being used purely for administrative purposes.

Thank you, and shalom,


In the meantime check out the page 'Satandeceivestheworld' to see why we should not use the terms 'God' or 'Christ'

More about the Vision

How did it come about?

Leading up to the vision, several things were happening, and this was before I detached myself from the church, (with the vicar’s help I have to admit). I wasn’t a leading member of the church, but I did or should I say I was quite active within the church.

I was on the rota for:


Eucharist assistant, (I was entrusted with the key to the safe so that when it was my turn I could get out and put away the “Holy”, or as I know now, the Qodesh things, the wine and the collections.

Gospel and OT readings,

I was a bell-ringer at the church and

organised the wedding bell ringing rota

I was a member of the PCC

For a time I was a member of the Standing Committee

I was a member of the Mission Group

I attended the Alpha course – four times

I attended the “Bible Study” group

And the “Prayer” group

I organised a group of prayer walkers to walk the parish

I organised “Quiet Days”.

I was a member of the Family service group

I’ve been on a Christian faith foundation course

I’ve been on the “Walking with God” course

I attended a course on how to “Grow your church.”

I even started on a “Lay Readers” course because I thought my calling was leading me in that direction.

I was also one of the few who met in church on a Tuesday morning for a prayer meeting before going on my way to work.

You could say I was well and truly ensconced in the church, and when I was called out of it, I couldn’t believe my ears, my immediate thought was that the devil was having a go at me to try and stop what I was doing and to stop any long term ministry that I might get involved in – although that deep down in my heart I knew that this was not the case.

What has all this to do with “The Vision”?

But before I continue, also significant in the confirmation process of this Ministry was some time spent at Skegness (Spring Harvest), and believe it or not a Christian bookshop in West Wales. And the prayer of Jabez.

So – what came first?

Looking back on my life, The vision itself was just a part of a longer process which has led me to the point in my faith where I am now.  In my auto-reply email I mention Moses or Mosheh as I now know him to be. I have an uncle (currently living – 16/01/13) when I was still very much a child, who used to say, “And God said to Moses come forth, and he came fifth and lost the race,” every time he was in earshot of me. I used to think it was some sort of weird joke of his, so I just used to smile politely (I now know that there was a much more sinister reason for what he was saying). I used to work for a well-known engine manufacturer in Peterborough, and while I was there one of my colleagues nick-named me – that’s right – Moses. (I think that the hair and beard had something to do with him being prompted to call me Moses). So now I use the name of Moses in my email address –   

One of my email addresses is  - so what has Amos got to do with it? This is where the Christian bookshop comes in.  There is a chalet park near Tywyn, West Wales, and quite often we used to rent one of the chalets for a week’s holiday. In Tywyn, there was a Christian bookshop where you could browse and if you wanted you could sit in the shop and have a bowl of soup, a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever was on the menu for that day. This is what we used to do – almost every time we visited the town. Anyhow, this particular occasion was after the vision. And the point is this – one of their walls is a bank of books – brand new, and second hand. All different thicknesses, and at this point I was looking for confirmation (yet again) for Lion Ministries. This was, you could say, my Gid’on’s fleece moment. I hadn’t studied the wall of books, so as I approached the wall I turned around and said to YHWH, if you really want me to do this ministry point me to a relevant book with a lion on the cover. I turned around again to face the books and there it was. The Roaring of the Lion by Ray Beeley, referring to the prophecy(ies) of Amos. Obviously I bought the book.

The Prayer of Jabez (1 Chronicles 4:10)

The Tuesday morning prayer meetings resulted in one of the other partakers gifting me a copy of a book about the prayer of Jabez (Yabets) and I prayed this prayer over a few weeks replacing the word “border” (some versions say “boundary”) with “ministry”.

"Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my border, and that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, not to be my pain!"  - and Elohim gave him what he asked.


I did change one word of that prayer; "border" to me at the time sounded too much like property, so I used the word "ministry".


Also, just so you know it wasn't instant, I prayed this prayer night and day for about three months prior to embarking on this ministry.



This is where I was given the name of the ministry, and I was surprised a little at the name, and I thought “no way!” That name will have gone, so I thought I had escaped (a bit like Jonah), but when I got home I checked out the domain names on the web/internet, and there it was – available. Needless to say – I bought the domain name.

A Quiet Day

Over the years I had arranged one or two quiet days, but this one was different. During the time of worship in the morning, I felt this voice telling me, “This is the last “Quiet Day” you will arrange for this church. This occupied my mind for the rest of the day. But also during the day, I was drawn to one tree in particular, I wouldn’t like to guess it’s age, but I would say it is bordering on “ancient.” It was a magnificent specimen of a Sycamore tree. Then my eyes were drawn to another tree, it looked stunted, and it was an Ash. I wanted an answer. Why? What does this mean? What are You trying to tell me? As we know, Amos is connected with the Sycamore tree, but the Ash? Well according to “Barnes Interpretation of the Bible” about Isaiah 44:14, this is what he says –

He planteth an ash - (ארן 'oren). The Septuagint renders it, Πίτυν Pitun - 'Pine.' Jerome also renders it, Pinum. Gesenius supposes the name was given from the fact that the tree had a tall and slender top, which, when it vibrated, gave forth a tremulous, creaking sound (from רנן rânan). This derivation is, however, somewhat fanciful. Most interpreters regard it as the ash - a well-known tree. In idolatrous countries, where it is common to have idols in almost every family, the business of idol-making is a very important manufacture. Of course, large quantities of wood would be needed; and it would be an object to procure that which was most pure, or as we say, 'clear stuff,' and which would work easily, and to advantage. It became important, therefore, to cultivate that wood, as we do for shipbuilding, or for cabinet-work, and doubtless groves were planted for this purpose.”

In the scriptures, it says, I chose you before and while you were in the womb,

Psalm 139:15-16 15  My bones was not concealed from You, When I was shaped in a hidden place, Knit together in the depths of the earth.

16  Your eyes saw my unformed body. And in Your book all of them were written, The days they were formed, While none was among them.

Ephesians 1:4 According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love. 

So – over the months, it became pretty clear that I had a job to do – so therefore I had better get on with it.

Have you read “The Tarshish Syndrome”?

So Basically that’s it in a nutshell as they say. Praise Yah for His goodness and His mercy upon those He calls to do His Work. Ah-mein.


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