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Snowdrops and The appointed times
The Snowdrops 

Ecclesiastes 3:1 For every matter there is an appointed time, even a time for every pursuit under the heavens


Matthew 25:18 But he who had received the one (talent) went away and dug in the ground and hid the silver of his master


Mark 4:22 For whatever is hidden shall be revealed


From the kitchen window on Sunday 21st February, through the quite heavy flurry of snow I could see two male blackbirds scrapping over a piece of bread my wife had put out for the birds. There were other blackbirds in the garden happily feeding on the scraps. There was a thrush on the raised garden at the side of the summer-house looking for something to eat. There was a wood pigeon on the bird table, there were a couple of starlings, some chaffinch’s, there was a goldfinch on the nyjer seed feeder, there was even an LBJ in the garden border, all looking for their share in the somewhat reduced smorgasbord of natures benevolent generosity. Everything was covered in snow. The bushes, the vegetable garden, the fence, the new growth which was just beginning to push it’s way through the soil and even the snowdrops which had been putting on a display for us for a few days now. Even they were temporarily hidden. The appointed time we here call winter was well and truly upon us. So much for global warming, one might say. Maybe it is the appointed time for global warming to take place, maybe that is one of the signs of the end times, along with earthquakes, wars, rumours of wars, etc., etc., that Yahushua warned us about two millennia ago. But, I digress…


Just like the snowdrops which appear at this time of year, every year, they have an appointed time. The appointed time came for the Master to return to receive the interest on his talents, and because the servant who had received only one talent buried it in the earth, because he was afraid and too idle to use it to gain more talents, the appointed time came for his judgement.


And just like the snowdrops, as their beauty in the garden border was revealed, so my friend will the beauty of your heart, if there is any beauty in your heart at all will be revealed in all it’s shining glory, at it’s appointed time. Will you be ready for that time?? It is not like a doctor’s appointment, or hospital appointment, or dentist appointment. It is not a day or a time for a job interview – you know when these things are to take place. But the appointed time with your Master, that is different, it might be in ten years, twenty years time, but at the same time it could be any time soon. Are you using the talent that the Master Yahweh has given you?? Are you using it wisely?? – or have you buried it amongst all the self doubt and the unbelief, and the “what will people say”, and “what will people think”, soil of worldly wisdom and perceived knowledge.


Your talent is worth far more than silver or gold, or what you could ever win in your national lottery. Your talent is not to be hidden!! Your talent is not there for when the time is right, or when circumstances allow. If you have been given a talent, it is for use now – today – on a day to day basis – until your appointed time comes.


Be Qadosh - Be Set-apart
Assembly - First Shabbat (Saturday) of the month