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Passover (Pesach) vs. Easter

Passover (Pesach) v. Easter


Pedantic - precise - exact - splitting hairs; over the years I have been accused of all of the above, and yes sir - I plead guilty to that charge.

Pesach (Passover) has absolutely nothing to do with Easter. Easter is allegedly according to the Christian church a celebration of the resurrection of the Risen Saviour of mankind. Christianity calls Him "Christ", (we call Him ha'Mashiach). The ritual of Easter (Ishtar), is to stand at the eastern end of their church building early in the morning before sun-rise, then to worship the sun as it rises above the horizon; "Sun"-day worship. They share chocolate eggs, hide them in the grounds for the children to find, re-enforcing and ensuring that "Ishtar" day will survive for generations to come.

The "Ishtar" weekend begins on the so-called Good Friday, the day Christians have been taught that "Christ" (ha'Mashiach) was as they say "crucified" (nailed to a stake). Another excuse to worship the so-called "Queen of heaven" - Ishtar. By baking (or more likely these days - purchasing) "hot cross buns".

A proper study of the Scriptures would soon dispel what Christians are taught at this time of the year. Why on earth have clergy and ministers got away with it for so long?! All I can say is that only Yah can see the beginning and the end, the bigger picture, but what is becoming abundantly clear is that the Truth of the Scriptures is being revealed to the world through people who have been called to come out of "the church".

Do congregation's to-day not read or study the Scriptures to see if what they are being taught is actually true? Regretfully the answer is an astounding, and resounding - "No - they don't!"  They sit there - listen to the sermon (if there is one). Then on their exit from the church, shake hands with the vicar/pastor/minister and congratulate him/her on his/her skills as a preacher. I know, because I too was once part of that crowd.

In the Scriptures we are warned many times about worshipping idols and false mighty ones who are not mighty ones, and of the perils of worshipping the stars, the sun and the moon and of worshipping foreign mighty ones. The "sun" and "Ishtar" fall into two of those categories.

Ha'Mashiach (who Christians call "Christ") never once in His ministry said (or practised), "From now on and for all eternity, after Passover, you will worship the "sun" and "Ishtar" to celebrate my rising from the dead. Let's face it - if it was to be part of a so-called New Covenant. He would have implemented it. After all, there were many witnesses, and He spoke to His Talmidim (disciples) on more than one occasion after His resurrection, didn't He?

Passover (Pesach)


So - what about Passover (Pesach) then?

Firstly, it is mentioned in the Torah (anathema to most Christians, I know, but it is there). It is in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Exodus Chapters 12 and 34; Leviticus Chapter 23; Numbers Chapters 9, 28 and 33; and Deuteronomy Chapter 16.

And it is also in the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Matthew 26; Mark 14; Luke 2 and 22; and slightly more comprehensively in John - Chapter 2; 6; 11; 12; 13; 18 and 19.

You don't have to believe me. Look it up for yourselves to see if what I am telling you is true.

YHWH ordained it in Exodus to be a Festival, an "everlasting Law, throughout your generations"

In Leviticus it is established as one of the "Appointed Times". Again in Numbers chapter 9 it is re-iterated, again in Deuteronomy chapter 16.

Matthew and Mark cover the events from His last earthly Pesach to His being nailed to the stake, and His ensuing resurrection.

Luke 2 covers the early years when He celebrated the Pesach with His parents. Luke 22 then covers the events leading up to His being taken away.

John 2 tells the story of when ha'Mashiach at the time just prior to Pesach, made a whip of cords and drove out the money-changers from the "Most Qodesh Place".

John 6 records the time leading up to another Pesach when He performed the miracle of feeding the 5000 with the five loaves and two fishes.

And John Chapters 11 - 19, goes into a little more detail of the trial and ordeal that ha'Mashiach had to endure.

So - did ha'Mashiach celebrate the Festival of Passover (Pesach)? Yes!!

Did ha'Mashiach implement a new law commanding us to celebrate by worshipping the sun - or to change the name of the Festival to Ishtar? - No!!

But listen carefully - here is what He did say: ‘But in vain do they worship Me, teaching as teachings the commands of men.'  Matthew 15 verse 9. Let's face it, Good Friday, and Easter, and come to that even Christmas, are all "commands of men". Baruch ata Yah! And may Yah have mercy on our beings. Ah-mein.


Happy Passover Folks