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In the eye of the beholder 
Some of you may recognise the above heading as a title of a popular Christian song, but I am using it in this instance as it seems to be a very appropriate heading for this article. Though of course, as a Messianic I believe Lord should be replaced with 'Yah', unfortunately I don't know of any Messianic Worship songs which currently share the same or similar lyrics. If you know of one (or more) then please let me know. You can contact me as ever, either using the email address or by filling in the comment form on the home page, thank you.

Back to the article...

Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. Whether it be snow-capped mountain tops, whether it be a sunset, or a sunrise, whether it be a Buzzard soaring high in the clear blue sky, or a Blackbird feeding it's young in the green open spaces you like to frequent, whether it is a new-born lamb suckling on it's mother down on the farm or homestead, whether it is a Butterfly fluttering around on the flowers in the garden, whether it is a single Golden Daffodil placed in an elegantly dsigned vase, a Bright Yellow Daffodil in a glass jar, or even a host of Golden Daffodils in a field, in a park, or along the roadside, or whether it is any one of a myriad of things that one man sees beauty and another either doesn't see, or sees only ugliness, despair and disorder.

Tell me friend, what do the eyes of your heart see? If you can see the beauty, look beyond the beauty, to the Great and Awesome Elohim who created the universe and all that is in it.

If you can see the despair of the lonely, the refugee, the homeless, if you can see the ugliness of war and famine, if you can see the disorder in this world, do not succumb to the world's way of thinking. Look beyond these things to our Great and Awesome Creator Elohim - It is He who has opened the eyes of your heart to see these things. Ask Elohim for a new heart to enable you to become part of the solution to whatever is going on in your sphere of influence, in your city, your town, your district, your village...

Messianic Brother, Sister, if you truly are a follower and taught one of the Messiah Yahushua, and Christian friend, if the Christ you profess to follow is the same as our Messiah, the same as Kepha's (Peter's) Messiah, then the Beauty of Messiah, and the Love of Elohim will soon manifest itself to the world, just like the Bright Yellow Daffodil in the Glass Jar, a little bit worn at the edges, a little bit weather beaten maybe, but beautiful never-the-less. For what Yahushua sees is what is in your heart.

May Yah open the eyes of your heart today so that you can see the Great and Awesome Creator Elohim working in your life. Today and every day, and Friend - Give Him, Elohim, thanks for everything.
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