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Its Just a Game

It's Just a game

Many people would have been willing Andy Murray to beat his opponent Novac Djokovic, and similarly in Australia many people would have been cheering on Victoria Azarenka as she beat Li Na.

Though great sports people in their own right, the way people worship them, makes them gods in their supporters eyes. Though of course there are many who would deny that. It is true that if these great players started to lose against other opponents they would soon start to fall from the pedestal on which they have been placed.

Not so long ago the hopes of the British were on Tim Henman, but you don't hear much of him these days though I do believe he is a tennis commentator for one of the TV channels.

It is the same with any sport or sports personality, or even national, professional, or league football teams. Whether you're a fan of Senior Bowl or Pro Bowl, whether you're a fan of British football and Manchester United, or any premier league team. Whether you're a cricket fan, a golfing fan or any fan of whatever sport or particular personality within that sport. Regardless of the high paid personalities at the end of the day it really is just a game.

There are nurses out there who put in hours of dedication, carers who do the same for little or no money. What they do is not a game. There are emergency services out there who are there for you should something go wrong. What they do is not a game. There are rescue services out there, the majority of whom are volunteers. What they do is not a game. All these people are not driven by cash reward or a hunger for stardom.

There are many people out there who are hungry, theirs is not a game. There are a great many people who are homeless; theirs too is not a game. There are a great many people out there who are desperate. Theirs also is not a game.

Yahushua said "We will always have the poor with us." He also said "It is hard for a rich man to enter the reign of the shamayim."

There are many people out there who actually don't give a damn, who couldn't care less. I don't call that a game. I call that sadness.

Life itself is not a game (though many profess it is), life is a serious business, we are here to help our brothers and sisters when and where we can and able. So friend - be a friend. Even if you're not a Torah believer, take time out and help someone out. Ah-mein.

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