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A Shop in Cardigan, Wales
I don't advertise people's business on this site, but if I come across a shop that is friendly and helpful I will include a link to their website (if they have one) or their contact email address.
Also, because I have done business with them, it is not necessarily so that they agree with my beliefs  or I with theirs. 
This particular week we went on Holiday to a village near Cardigan, with everything in the boot "bar the kitchen sink"  as the saying goes - except this time we didn't have everything - I had forgotten to include all my leads for my digital cam-corder. My battery charger lead was left at home.So where was I going to get a lead which will be suitable for my camera? We walked all round Cardigan - 90per cent of the shops were closed because it was a Sunday. There didn't seem to be a suitable shop at all from where I might get what I was looking for. Then as a last resort, we walked into this shop with the name "Fancy That", I wasn't holding out much hope. It looked from the outside like a shop of "Bits and bobs", there was DIY down one side and down the other side all sorts of goods which might be useful to someone.
Anyhow the long and the short of the story is this; we went into the shop, had a quick browse, couldn't find what we were looking for, so we asked the man, the owner of the shop, who was himself doing some DIY at the time, and he showed us a couple of alternatives, and Yes, one of the items was perfect for my needs. So we came away happy, and promised him we would mention him on our website
Although at the current time  Fancy That doesn't have a website, the shop's email address is
Primarily his shop will be a Fancy Dress shop, hence the name "Fancy That."
I would recommend you go and have a look around next time your in Cardigan.
Note: 10th October2013 - I have just checked google maps and although the name of the shop is showing at the side of the map, it would appear the shop is no longer trading, however it doesn't stop anyone from visiting Cardigan when they are in Wales.
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