To the Christian believer God; To the Messianic, Elohim is Love
The Christian believer today hears from the pulpit God is Love, God is Love, God is Love ...
But let me ask you this question, friend - Which God would that be then?
In the Scriptures, there is absalutely no doubt who Yahweh Elohim is - and again, absolutely - Elohim is Love - see 1 John (Yohanan Aleph) 4v.8.
Even if you ignore the pagan connections, God could refer to any one or any thing - it is a generalisation.
While it is true there are many good "Christian" teachers out there; I should know - I was a Christian once. The terminology of sermons or talks today is expressed in generalisations, there is very often no sense of urgency, there is no passion in the teaching. Some of the Mega-churches you see on television are obviously very rich, they are doing lots of things in the name of Jesus. They are obviously attracting the sort of audience who want to hear what they are teaching. And since writing this article in it's original form back in April 2007, the Truth is also somewhat lacking. There is a distinct lack of positive encouragement towards the people to pull them out of their apathy and their sinful ways. They are afraid of upsetting the congregation, thereby losing any income that they may have had from their new found friends. 
The collared clergy and the free church pastors have got to have their days off - Do not disturb - what happens when our Elohim wants to speak to them then? Sorry Elohim, call back tomorrow, I'm doing my own thing today.
Awake you Pastors and shepherds of Yahweh's flock, return to Elohim before the Sword of Yahweh is awakened and you are dealt with according to the Righteousness of The One True Elohim.. See Zechariah 13 v.7-9
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