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Easter - Istar - Ishtar
Easter cards can be one of those stumbling blocks that Yahushua talks about in the Scriptures, but no matter how much you try and explain to old friends about your new found status as a Messianic, some will insist on sending you an Easter card. Though it is a kind thought, and it is good to be remembered at festival times, Easter is pagan in it's origin and has absolutely nothing to do with the Resurrection of our Master Yahushua Messiah. So for those who celebrate the Pesach (Passover) "Happy Passover", for those who celebrate Easter, please, please, look into the Scriptures and see what it is that they say about worshipping foreign gods or mighty ones.
I'm not going to write an article on Ishtar at this time, but I will give you the following link so that you may see for yourselves what Ishtar is all about, you will notice that one of her titles actually includes the word shame.
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Again, Happy Passover, and Shalom for now.
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