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From Welcoming the Sabbath Day to Marking the end of the Sabbath Day
The most important thing is that we keep the Sabbath (Shabbat) Day as a day to Yahweh, a day set-apart, a qodesh day, but worldwide there does seem to be some confusion as to which day is the Shabbat Day, and if I'm honest I don't understand why, as Yahweh Elohim, states quite clearly that Shabbat is the Seventh Day - Not the first - not the sixth - Yahweh rested on the Seventh Day and He calls us to rest on the Seventh Day also.
For a simple understanding of the basic observation of the Shabbat Day, I suggest you read Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 58:13-14
Please visit and watch this video "Shabbat for the Nazarenes"
Thanks and Shalom for now.
You could also check out YouTube which also has lots of videos on how to celebrate the Sabbath.