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I need your help
Friends, Brothers and Sisters, Visitors to this website, I have had an email from a Pastor in India needing Bibles in the Telugu language/script, and a Pastor in Kenya needing Bibles in the Ekeguii language. I have to say at this point Lion Ministries is not a charity, though we are a non profit org. All monies raised will be forwarded to an organisation that will in turn forward the Bibles to the Pastor in India, and to the Pastor in Kenya, if you feel you can help, please contact me through the comment form on the home page and I will inform you of the next step. Shalom and  יהוה Yahweh be blessed.
Much is said and commented on about the Global financial crisis engulfing the world today, nothing is heard about the thirst of the nations for  יהוה Yahweh's word. We are commissioned to go out and make taught ones (Talmidim)(disciples) of all nations, the least we can do is supply our poorer Brothers and Sisters with a Bible written in a script which they can read and understand. Thank you.
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